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The Ghost Ship Lydia

February 16, 2014

Another Sunday stroll, another nephew/niece sighting. This time: embedded in the sidewalk near the ballpark.

Y’all know the story of the Ghost Ship Lydia don’t you? If you don’t, um … ask Lydia.


A real bummer, that.

September 25, 2013
Try a carrot?

Try a carrot?

Larry gets what Larry wants. Does this mean we’ll have to put up with his circus next time, too?

About a Broderick

March 31, 2013

Walking to my morning Matching Half fix the other day, I approached this church on McAllister and wondered if there was a blood drive going on?  Voting?

But the van was a long deluxe bathroom complex.  And there were people hanging out in the church.  A lovely lady exited and someone who seemed to work there called out “Honey, do you want to use the bathroom here [the deluxe van] before you go?”  The answer was no– she had already gone inside.  Weird.

Then around the corner, looking down Broderick I saw this:

Thanks to my film-making brother I recognized this as a film crew.  Hmm..  a commercial?  TV? Movie?  BTW– some readers will recognize these homes as being kitty-corner from their reunion Victorian on the NE corner of Broderick and Fulton.  Others will recognize it as being 2 blocks down the street from their Victorian.

After I was done with coffee and was walking home again, my curiosity got the better of me and I looped back around.    Just in time to see a scene!

Beautiful young lady walks out to her Mini.  Seconds later, a distraught man in his boxers and open robe a-flying races down the steps after her.  Panicked, he pleads with her thru her car door, then in defeat slowly pads back up to his home.  Meanwhile, another woman and her 10? yr old son exit the station wagon/Uhaul behind them and climb the neighboring steps.  As the mom enters her building, the boy stops on the steps to gaze a bit perplexedly at the man-child next door.

How do I know he’s a man-child?  Because research showed that what was being filmed was a TV pilot– an adaptation of the Nick Hornby book (and 2002 Hugh Grant movie) “About a Boy” which is about a man-child who is befriended by the son of a single mom next door,  lessons are learned, etc etc (at least I think they were, it’s been a while now).

So watch for it on NBC this fall.  Looks like the opening (establishing?) scene was in the 2012 reunion hood.

PS:  I very rarely see celebs, but this is my second random encounter with Minnie Driver who plays the mom.  I also saw her in Heathrow in 2000 and flew with her from London to LA (though not in the same class).

Anniversary #11 stroll

March 10, 2013

Dan in a reclaimed shipping container looking out over the reclaimed swath of old Central Freeway in Hayes Valley. Girl Ghost with Pearl Earring hovers nearby.

Pop Quiz

March 2, 2013

In which San Francisco neighborhood would you find this parking garage?

How fortunate we found this space!


Just in time for the Oscars

February 23, 2013

Seen today on the way home from coffee.
Related tangent: sure hope Riva pulls off the upset over Lawrence.

Social Study

February 10, 2013

I haven’t added a restroom entry in a while, but I was a bit inspired yesterday by the bathroom at Social Study. Both for the 80s Prince sensibility and the forward thinking employee BR policy…