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RIP MJ (and FF)

June 25, 2009

I never thought I’d be blogging about Michael Jackson on SIAJ. Celebrity culture isn’t really much what this blog is about. But I was surprised by how hard the death of Michael Jackson hit me today. I suppose the premature death of a pop star from my formative years forces me to face my own mortality in ways that Ed McMahon’s passing does not. So, fwiw, my favorite MJ memory would have to be being blown away by the Thriller video on MTV with my brothers and sisters in Knoxville. I remember excitedly running around out front of the South Monticello house afterwards. I also remember buying the Thriller cassette and then making my own bootleg copy, even photocopying the now classic cover. I have no idea why.

So we are drinking Pegus and playing our MJ tracks in memorium tonight. Dan reminds me that we also have a track in our iTunes that honors the passing of Farrah Fawcett today: (key segment starts at 2:50)

Bonus video from Janet J. from 11 yrs ago— even more poignant now:


Pride Week 2009- 1

June 23, 2009

Happy GayLesbianBiTrans Pride everyone! I have the week off to mostly relax, maybe clean house a bit, check out a few flix. Karen is back form Alaska and hanging out and attending far more movies than us. We were all able to go on a tour of the SF LGBT Community Center (7 years old already) and get a little inspired by the great work they do. As far as the film festival goes, my biggest beef this year is that they have gone from paper ballots (for the audience awards) to voting via text messages. Yes, I realize I am an old, non-AI-voting curmudgeon, but still– the disadvantages i see:

– no longer can your rate a movie on a scale 1-5, it’s either thumbs up or thumbs down

– no longer can you write in catty comments. Or helpful ones.

– it seems like a chance for Frameline to just schill for the telecom sponsor. Plus,many of us are charged per SMS– so we have to pay (the sponsor!) to vote??

Maybe some readers with film festival experience can set me straight if this is common practice now.

I will say that the new (free) festival app is AWESOME. No more lugging around a tattered program. And one more excuse to whip out the phone at dinner.

Film capsule reviews:
Clapham Junction

An angry film that reminds the audience that despite recent gains in public “acceptance”, being an out queer can still be a dangerous thing. We still have a long way to go. [On a related note, every time I read about some anti-gay marriage activist bemoaning “religious persecution” when their bigotry is protested— I wish I could send them the towleroad posts that document the weekly gay bashings and killings that go on in this country and around the world. I mean, if they really want to understand the meaning of persecution.] Anyway— the film was pretty good. Heavy for sure. Lots of familiar anglo actors and a cameo by the park bench from “Notes on a Scandal”. Recommended.

Gay marriage and bashings in London

Gay marriage and bashings in London

Fun in Boys’ Shorts

Always a festival high point, the collection of men’s shorts was as strong as ever this year. Dan had to break with our first Saturday tradition to go see an Earthquakes game with Russ, so Wayne went with me instead (isn’t this the plot of some wife-swapping reality show?). Favorite short? [stop reading now Dan in case you see the reruns] probably the Korean short “Boy Meets Boy”- what starts as a done-to-death-earnest-afterschool special-schoolboy-crush-short takes an energetic fun K-pop turn. Highly Recommended



It was fabulous to be in the Castro surrounded by lovely enthusiastic women cinephiles. But this movie proves one of my festival maxims: “Many a silly but not-that-well-done movie will be fun to see with an energized full house in the Castro, but if you were to rent it, you’d probably say “this is crap” and check out 1/2 way through”. Abused wife falls for Mary-Kayesque saleswoman next door and ends up shooting husband in self defense. Road trip with motley crew movie trope ensues as the women, wimpy gay son and gothy daughter drive half the way across the country to dispose of the body in Savannah. Body kept on ICEEs in the trunk for entire trip. “Hilarity” ensues. Suffers from… you name it. Not recommended unless you are in the Castro with 1,000 fun dykes during pride.


Making the Boys

One of the festival’s themes this year is the 60s/70s. This documentary looks back 40 years later at groundbreaking play and movie “The Boys in the Band” which came out the year I was born. I had only medium expectations for this film, but was quite impressed in the end with this self-described “work in progress” (apparently, the director is still looking to score a few more key interviews and do some final editing– but it looked and sounded great). Dan, Karen and I were impressed as much by the historical context provided as anything. The play stands as a convenient symbol of the pre-Stonewall era of the closet and self-hatred, but then quickly seemed dated a few years later after Stonewall and the modern gay rights movement. And who knew that the playwright was so tight with Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner? Or went on to write for “Hart to Hart”? Highly recommended– especially for anyone who needs a primer of modern US gay history.


Pre- Pre- WillandGrace Manhattan queers

Mystery course

June 13, 2009

This was delicious.  Not an unhealthy snack at PacBell/SBC/ATT Park, but an unhealthy (and delicious) dessert at Candybar:

Muy Yummy

Muy Yummy

Ingredients:  Mango, Papaya, Kiwi, Avacado yogurt, Candied jalapeno, Horchata ice cream.  and sugared chips of some kind.

Bonus pic of Dan’s dessert, the 900 Watt Almond Sponge Cake:

that's cherry sorbet being spit out by the cake

that's cherry sorbet being spit out by the cake

And there are new candles in the restroom:


Debauchery report

June 10, 2009

Alternate title: “Dynamo Donuts” [sung to the PSB tune “Domino Dancing”] watch?v=4T5iUvDadp4

We’re a bit behind here at SIAJ. Way behind on reporting the indulgences, excesses and pleasures of the last week.

One of you has been complaining about the paucity of breakfast posts lately. I’m afraid I don’t have much to report on that front. But I can report on this –a Stubar family after-dinner crossword– now with donuts! (And not just any donuts –but Dynamo salted caramel and apricot cardamon). It takes 2 brains to finish the Saturday puzzle, so it’s been a joint activity for a while now.





And what’s more:

Peter had us all try the relatively new winery on Treasure Island. We were surprised at the quality of the wines and very pleased with the friendly casualness of the place –to say nothing of the free tasting. One of the owners treated us to extensive barrel tastings as well:

he's standing on another row of barrels, btw

he's standing on another row of barrels, btw

The romantic highlight of the year –A Midnight Madness screening of The Muppet Movie at the Clay. It’s one thing to hear Dan and his brother quote the movie ad nauseum at family dinners, but to sit next to them during a screening … wow. I’ll never look at an Idaho wine the same way again.

Finally –I was excited by the news that PSB has announced their North American tour in support of their biggest album (CD) since Very –Yes. They’ll be in SF for 2 nights in September. It will be their 5th concert that I attend –but the first one I blog …

Bonus vid from the new album: