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September 24, 2012

Just wanted to post this correction.  Our post from Sept 2009 “A Very Local Stimulus Pacakage” erroneously identified the commute bus seen on Divis as a “Google Commute Bus”.   Turns out those are actually *Apple* commuter buses we see cruising down Divis each morning, evening and late into the night.

Hat tip to this fabulous private transportation map from Stamen (by way of Spur on Twitter)  :

(hmmm  looks like you’ll have to click on link to see the entire map)


The slow death of the old eastern span of the Bay Bridge

November 18, 2009

SIAJ readers ask and we deliver.

A reader recently asked for an update on the demolition of the old section of the Bay Bridge that was recently bypassed by the quickly-becoming-notorious “S-curve“.  Always thinking of our readers, I took a bus home from work this afternoon and was able to capture a few views of where things stand:


bonus peakaboo view of the GGBridge



Apparently, they dismantle the top level first


Of course, this is only the very beginning of the great dismantling.  It’s just this very last section goes down now.  We are still using about 92% of the old eastern span before hitting the new S-curve.  This allows the new suspension span the room it needs to hit the island in about 5-25 years:

I should mention for future visitors that the new S-curve requires drivers to slow down.  Despite numerous warnings, there have been over 40 accidents at the S-curve and one very unfortunate incident in which a truck rolled right off the side and off the bridge.   So take it easy!  This has led to the creation in SF of one of the more perplexing electronic highway sign messages you are ever likely to see:




No one will be able to accuse CalTrans of not giving you adequate notice.

Scenes from a post-apocalyptic SF, then and now

October 29, 2009

[Alternate title: “A follow-up story on the Emperor Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico Bridge”]

For those of you out of the area, I wanted to let you know that there have been developments with regards to the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge. You may remember the recent Labor Day weekend closure in which a new temporary bypass bridge was installed in 4 easy steps. What you may not have heard is that there was a complication involving a cracked doohickey that required an extra post-Labor Day day of work and the bridge opened up a day late. Well, part of that band-aid fix apparently came apart in the wind yesterday during the afternoon rush hour and came tumbling down on some cars. The bridge has been CLOSED since, making everyone scramble to reorganize their commutes on the fly and also creating scenes straight out of “The Day After”:

Bay Bridge Closure

Bay Bridge Closure

Bay Bridge Closure

Or better yet, it reminded me of a scene from the 1959 Gregory Peck/Anthony Perkins/Ava Gardner/ Fred Astaire movie “On the Beach” in which a submarine crew which has survived a nuclear WWIII sails from Australia to CA in search of any signs of life, but finds NONE, including a spooky, deserted GG Bridge (see brief scene about 85% the way thru this trailer).

So, today I had lots of company on my morning commute on the Golden Gate Bridge and it took about 1 hr 45 min. to get home.  I listened to a Forum podcast about Loma Prieta earthquake memories.  Thank goodness Dan fixed our “ferry shuttle” car. I’ll be able to resume ferry runs Friday!

Emperor Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico Bridge: Update

August 28, 2009

If you have been following the progress of the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge with bated breath like I have, you will appreciate how happy I was to see a stack of these flyers on the ferry home last night. I’ve been following the slow progress of this bridge since moving here in ’98– from the long arguments about design to the various stages arising next to the current bridge and visible during bus commutes. They have been building this bypass 150-odd feet in the air and will be hooking the whole thing up over the Labor Day weekend before demolishing an old section of the old bridge. See full details below:


nb: sections are NOT actually yellow or orange :-(


don't worry-- bridge will be closed all wkend long

Only 6 more days to drive on that old section before it’s gone forever! For more information of the long saga, click here. After the weekend, the new speed limit on the bypass will be 40 mph– leading to more backups. Until they build the new bridge and can tear down the bypass. Current estimated completion date “late 2013” is getting closer all the time!

Now craving Chunky Monkey

July 15, 2009

Commuting home, I ran into this new subversive marketing campaign which has taken over the entire Embarcadero station:



Ben & Jerry’s sure know their niche marketing, don’t they? Not that they needed to convince *me* to buy more of their product. Even if they are now owned by some German food conglomerate. I’m curious to see how their ad campaign is used in other parts of the country –maybe emphasizing Vermont’s ruralness? It’s distinction as the birthplace of Joseph Smith?

After the jump, another new “only in SF” ad campaign on Muni. Safe for work, IMHO and rated PG, but I know a *few* readers might be squeamish about cartoon representations of genitalia –even happy, healthy ones.