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August 30, 2010

Just got home and checked in at sf.eater.  Seems I missed a great deal today.  no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At least Dan has made a lovely dinner and opened a nice Qupe Syrah for me to drown my sorrows in.

Four Barrel Coffee


Four Barrel Coffee

FreeCoffee%21.jpgWhat: Free coffee
When: Today until 4 p.m.
Where: 375 Valencia St. btwn. 14th and 15th Streets, 415-252-0800
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Breakfast 8/29/10

August 29, 2010

I’m usually one of the less-hip and older people present at Matching Half in the morning.  So I was grateful this morning to the late40s gentleman who made me feel just a tad less past-my-prime when he asked the (young, hip) owner, “what is this song playing?  It’s pretty good”.  Mental note to self–  never ask such a question in the future.  That’s what Shazam is for.

A Profile in Underappreciation

August 13, 2010

I’m still exploring the redesign of, which is chock full of new features.  Now, in addition to checking out movie ratings and using high scores as ammunition in your argument with a movie-averse spouse who refuses to see even such entertaining fare as the latest lesbian-moms movie or Inception,  …  wait, where was I?  Oh yeah..  you can now find “ratings” of actors, producers, etc.  That is, you can see the average Metacritic score of all of the movies in their oeuvre.  You can find out that Matt Damon has made better choices in his career than Ben Affleck (average Metacritic rating of 62 vs. 51).  It is also proving my theory that like Edouard Manet, the genius of Seth Green may take a few generations to be fully appreciated. His career score is 43 so far… but look at the evidence detailed below.  It’s fascinating that at the time movie critics only gave the first Austin Powers movie a middling 51 score.  Of course now it’s seen as a classic, proving wrong the critics of the day… much like Seth’s work in general.  The User Scores are also telling.  They rated highest “Can’t Hardly Wait” and “Idle Hands” (his most overlooked great role)– above some of Seth’s better known vehicles.  Film historians in 2050 will probably just be catching up.

[full stats after the jump, but the formatting is much better on the original site here]

The Orange Key

August 6, 2010

Recent discussions at our family reunion about my alma mater, and a more recent foray into a stack of old magazines, prompted my decision to sit down and read this article, which I found charming. It was the tour, you know, that made me want to go.

You try walking backwards for an hour ...

Be warned, however. It turns out … [gasp] … that the bulldog story … isn’t … true!

Not seen every day on my commute

August 5, 2010

Troy’s arch-nemesis …

August 1, 2010

… has been turned into a comic book “hero.”

You’ll have to ask him about the accuracy of that graphic novel, however. I wouldn’t know.