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Weekend Report 11/23/08

November 24, 2008

Saturday: After that thrilling morning of sitting in the window with coffee and crossword, I mostly cleaned up around the house. We went to the gym, and did nothing important until meeting up with Ed and 2 friends from Fairbanks, AK for dinner at Paul K. We enjoyed various Alaskan stories (“the awfulness of Sarah Palin didn’t really sink in until she was on the national stage”) and our new friends from the Last Frontier invited us to tag along with Ed for a drag show in the Tenderloin. Feeling our age, we begged off. Of course, walking past Candybar 15 minutes later, I decided maybe I wasn’t so tired after all. Looking at the pic, you are probably thinking what total pigs we are, but you should know that the friendly maitre’d (recognizing us as neighbors) brought us the salted buttermilk panna cotta with frozen grapes and olive oil as a gift to go along with our birthday cake with cocoa krispies ice cream and cayenne cinnamon chocolate mousse. We didn’t quite finish it all.

happy unbirthday to me

happy unbirthday to me

Sunday: A more jam-packed day. The Oakland boys hosted us and their soccer buddies, Paul & Lindsay, for a viewing of the MLS Cup final (the New York red energy drink team vs. the Columbus Crew), complete with a delicious med spread (that’s “med” as in Mediterranean). I skipped out early to see the French drama/ mystery / redemption-fest “I’ve Loved You So Long” with Peter. I had to agree with his analysis that the movie, while well acted, disappoints by letting the audience off the hook with regard to the woman who has just been released from prison after a 15 year sentence for the murder of … [will stop there]. She becomes, predictably, much too worthy of our sympathy. KST should get a nomination for sure. Then per the boys suggestion, we ended up at the brand-spanking new Mua for dinner. It gets my vote for restaurant-I-most-wished-I-had-brought-Susan-to-in-September. Except it wasn’t open yet. (Mike –if you’ve made it this far– you should really check this place out for lunch or better yet drinks after work). There would have been tons of room to dance between courses, but we were tired … it was Sunday night after all.

gallery, nightclub or trendy restaurant?

gallery, nightclub or trendy restaurant?


The View from My Breakfast- 11/22/08

November 22, 2008

[original title = “All About Allen”]

[alternate title = “Crossword Convergence”]

I’ll blame the lack of posts this week on a busier-than-normal work week (what else?). Or you could blame Peter for renting out that great Mendocino house for Thanksgiving, leading me to take all of next week off and jamming my schedule this week fuller than normal. Anyway, my post today was going to be about how awesome and “practically perfect in every way” my brother-in-law Allen is, but damn!, someone has just done that. I hate it when that happens.

So, instead it’s another edition of TVFMB (at the request of a certain reader). Some mornings I am too sleepy to walk 6 short blocks to Mojo, let alone get in the car to drive to Utopia. Coffee and a crossword at home in the chaise with a view of the Divis corridor is also a nice way to start the day. Consider this a photodiary of how I start a weekend day 50% of the time.


***Warning: Crossword spoiler (NYT 11/21/08) after the jump…


Weekend protest report

November 16, 2008

I just wanted to put up a couple of pix from yesterday’s San Francisco rally. It was one of over 300 across the country to protest the passage of Proposition 8. Unlike losing a ballot measure on high speed rail or chicken welfare, people don’t take too kindly to the rights of a minority group being taken away after being up up for a vote– so don’t expect anyone to just “let it go”. For something put together so virally– in just over a week thru facebook and blogs– it was pretty impressive. Over 10,000 in SF, thousands more in other Bay Area cities, and who knows how many at other simultaneous events in all 50 states. Even if the sound system and stage weren’t as impressive as the one used at the corporate PrideFest in June, the earnestness of the speakers and enthusiasm of the crowd of queers and straight allies was more electrifying. Speaking of straight allies, we met up with Jen and Tracy at a mobbed Peets before heading down with our sign (thanks, Joel for the idea) to join queer ally Peter and soaked up some unseasonal sun at City Hall. See you next time.

preparing the night before

preparing the night before


The Consequences of Prop 8

November 14, 2008

If you live in California, you probably remembering hearing this pitch from the Prop 8 folks: “There will be consequences if Prop 8 doesn’t pass!” Meaning, of course, schools will start teaching your children that boys can marry other boys. Well, it turns out that the passage of 8 has had it’s own consequences. I’ve hesitated to post about my own feelings, not wanting to whine, but this article in the NY Times captures pretty well the universal “kicked in the gut” feeling queer people everywhere felt on election night and afterward. I’m posting it because one passage almost brought me to tears at work:

The day after the election, the San Francisco lawyer and his husband, Paul Herman, a stay-at-home dad, had had to face the fact that Proposition 8 could mean that their marriage would be invalidated. They’d also had to go to parent conferences and tell the teachers that their five-year-old daughter, Liza, might be struggling in school because she was scared that her family might fall apart.

Liza, who has a twin sister, Katie, had peppered Swanson and Herman with questions once she’d realized that marriages uniting “a boy and a boy” were no longer allowed.

“They can’t take yours away, right?” she’d asked her parents. “They can’t take yours away when you have children, can they?”

“That’s when we realized she was afraid something would happen to us,” Swanson told me by phone on Wednesday. “We said, ‘They can’t take us away from you. We will be here for you forever.’”

So, it’s true there are consequences. And I have to assume that somewhere there are thousands of people that are feeling euphoric ––or at least a little better about the world–– to compensate for the psychic pain this little girl and families like her’s are feeling. Otherwise, why did the people behind this amendment bother? I hope someone is getting some joy out of this. Because, over a week and a half later, I’m still not “over” it –and until this injustice is reversed, I’m not sure I will ever be.


Winter Ferry Commuting

November 13, 2008

Some might accuse me of writing this just to push that silly re-post of the O’bama song down the front page.  But actually… I had some really important things to say about my commute home today…

Sitting on the Vallejo dock by the bay...


There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama! [updated]

November 12, 2008

Sing along …

Here’s the (much improved) studio version … with guitars. And it’s only 3 and a half minutes long now.

He’s Hawaiian, he’s Kenyan, American too …

Save the Date

November 11, 2008

It’s been inspiring to read about the various protests all across California and in several other states as well this past weekend. I’ve added a link on the sidebar (finally figured out how to do that!) to this weekend’s coordinated National Day of Protest against Proposition H8. We’ll be protesting this effort to write discrimination into the state constitution (and infringe on the freedom of religion) at city halls across the country. I hope you can join the good fight in a city near you. If you are coming to SF Sat. am, meet up with me and Dan –we can do brunch afterward.

Meanwhile, here’s Dan’s favorite protest sign from last weekend. It was spotted at the Sacramento protest Sunday. Californians passed another proposition last week –requiring poultry farmers to give chickens adequate living space. The irony was not lost on Jon Stewart, or on anybody for that matter. The same state that now legally mandates kindness to chickens has just rescinded the right of gays and lesbians to marry. Oops!

It's the "cage-free" sign

It's the "cage free" sign