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Best song ever

July 31, 2014

How is it that I’m just learning about this song this week?  I had a vague sense of who this doctor was…  but just now learned of her theme song.  It was during the check up of nervous 2 yr old.  As I started to auscultate her heart, the excited 4 yr old sibling starting hopping and singing…

Thanks to the conditioning of this show, I’m expecting no more nervous patients in a few more months.  Do they have a song about getting your booster shots?


Busy baby season

October 12, 2013

September always seem to be busy season in the nursery.  And recently I discovered proof of this in interactive graphic form.  Looks like a breather is in store:


Check out these random dates and their popularity rankings:


Feb 1 –  #330

Feb 6 – 293

Mar 6 – 228

Mar 20 – 202

Apr 21 – 259

May 4 – 291

July 4 – 321

Sep 14 – #16!


PSA at work today

December 5, 2011

I swear this poster was not placed with an ironic intent

Not seen every day on my commute

August 5, 2010

What’s Troy been up to this month?

March 17, 2010

It’s been a busy month as the new Vallejo hospital finally opened up on March 2 (only a couple of years behind schedule). It’s a beautiful, large and airy new facility. Sadly, the nursery is still back in the old hospital where we feel a bit like a satellite facility now. The ED, cafeteria, medical  floors –all are a lot further away now. The bigger change was the simultaneous switch from hospital paper charting to the electronic medical record. It’s truly the end of an era. The clinic had been paper-free for a few years now, and now the entire system is in the electronic “cloud”. Pros:  I can read colleagues’ notes with handwriting issues, I can work and access charts from home (and read celebrity’s medical records with ease –just kidding! I’d get fired for that).  Cons: the steep learning curve and the fact that it will always take longer to enter data in electronically.

on the ferry: work and commute collide

In totally unrelated news, me and my idol finally made it into a puzzle together:

together at last

Happiest day of the year?

July 13, 2009

Well, ok, maybe second to Inauguration Day.  One of the “need to do around the house” items that recently become the most urgent had been the lack of a screen on our bedroom window.  When the evening SF “air conditioning” comes roaring in from the Pacific Ocean each night, this is its main portal of entry into the flat.  Sadly, with no screen, many a bug would also float in at night.  We had a makeshift lean-to over-sized screen that become a quasi-permanent, non-perfect quick fix.  Dan had been planning a reconnaissance trip to various stores in town yesterday when he happened upon… the missing screen…  which had been behind the dryer for all this time…  oops.  The pic doesn’t quite capture the joy we felt last night with this firmly in place.  Champagne was uncorked and I now eagerly await the next red-letter day– when the cracked microwave door is fixed and we will no longer have to stand there holding it closed while heating… 

Our 4 yr long nightmare is over

Overheard at work

February 2, 2009

Post-partum. 12:15. Setting up for one last circumcision.

Nurse to me: “Here he is. Dad said to make every inch count!”

Troy: “!?! … um … if he wants every inch to count, shouldn’t he opt out?”