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Reunion flashback

February 26, 2011

Shortz (2/25/11) again inspired by Stubar (7/4/2010)


SF snow resources

February 25, 2011

Speaking of the cold, there’s an important new Twitter feed just up. It will soon be irrelevant––so follow it NOW:!/IsItSnowingInSF

They also have a webpage.

And if you’re wondering where to ski tomorrow morning in SF, check it out at snOMG!

4:12 pm update. Hmmmm…

still waiting...


Too smart …

February 23, 2011

… for your own good: A Saturday New York Times puzzle. The first answer written in. 44-Down: “Tastee-Freez alternative.” 4 letters. Duh! “ICEE.” Hey, the C crosses with CALIFORNIAGIRLS. No problem ….

But 30-minutes later, you still can’t figure out that corner.

Hey, wait a minute … could it be …?


The news intrudes

February 22, 2011

A wonderful collection of links from zunguzungu on the protests in Wisconsin and related matters. And because I love bagpipes. What is the altnernative, you ask? Maybe a democratic workplace?

Also, please spare a thought for Christchurch, New Zealand. Solidarity is not so strange when disasters strike.

Baby it’s cold inside

February 21, 2011

Let’s say there’s two of you. One of you (let’s call him “D”) is always chilly outside. He’ll say to the other you (let’s call him “T”): “Is it cold outside?” and T will say, “No, not really.” So D will forgo that extra layer, and lo and behold, will shiver all the way to and from your destination, complaining mightily along the way, but receiving little or no sympathy from T, for whom Arctic breezes are mere trifles. Or so it seems.

Then the two of you get home. One of you (in this case T) will say: “Brr, it’s freezing in here,” and immediately turn on the heater and the fake fire. Which will flummox the other you (aka D) who will quickly find yourself flushed from all the heat being pumped out by said appliances, boiling away you might say, while T continues to act like you’re living in a refrigerator.

What’s going on here? How can one of you be sooo sensitive to the cold outside, but never bothered by it inside, while the other you is blithely unconcerned by chilly weather, but positively incapacitated by a less than tropical thermostat reading? We both agree, it’s strange …

SIAJ Milestone: Comment #1000

February 20, 2011

Congrats to the reader who last week made the thousandth comment on our humble blog: “Reader”. I almost wrote “person”…

From CeleryBoy on BMB/RR #

You haven’t mentioned the FRUIT and/or VEGETABLE situation there (and neither did that video, hmmm…). Inquiring guinea pigs want …

btw, Celery Boy, you will also be thrilled to know that you made comment #1003 (“mille e tre”). Fitting.


February 15, 2011

Thought I’d combine 2 themes quickly here. Fillmore Street has a new coffee place that sounded worth an explore. Some family members will remember this location with fondness as the source of the deep rich hot chocolate of Bittersweet which sadly closed up their SF shop last year (though the Oakland location lives on). The space has a brand new homey decor and is taking their espresso seriously. I enjoyed a great Americano and whole wheat coffee cake (sounds healthy anyway) while various neighbors came in to wish the new owner luck. Finished all but 2 squares of the Sunday puzzle. Jane is named after the owner’s daughter. The bathroom decor is pretty cool:

kinda etsy

yes ... each silhouette is cut from velvet

I was going to shoot a video about Jane and compare it to the holy trinity of SF coffee, but another hipster beat me to it: