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Fear the Tartare, or Playoff Currency

October 29, 2010

So much going on.. and I’m struggling to find a theme that ties it all together and makes some sense out of it.

What a great week it’s been.  We got to see the San Francisco premiere of “Zero Currency” at the San Francisco Doc Fest at the Roxie theater.  We got to host the director while he was in town and provide him with limo service around town to festival duties, vintage clothes store hopping and hot chocolate tastings.

the youthful director does QandA


We got to celebrate the Giants winning the NL pennant for the first time since we were a new young couple in 2002.  Sadly, we missed watching the moment live due to a previous engagement with East Bay friends trying out the raw chicken/raw egg dish at a new Japanese joint in Berkeley- Ippuku.  Shortly before the check arrived for this (it must be said– amazing) meal, word spread thru the izakaya that we were heading back to the World Series!  Lucky Brad got to celebrate in style in the heart of the Mission with the hipsters and firefighters.

chicken tartare

chicken tartare


We got to celebrate our guinea pig-loving friend’s birthday by attending Madama Butterfly at the SF Opera.  It seemed appropriate to see a Japanese/Italian fusion show for our first night out at the opera togehter.   The night was all class and our (big time opera geek) friend was there to guide us through the opera-going rituals.  It was a fun night out— heightened by the fact that across the street, City Hall was all lit up orange in honor of the Vols.   But that’s another post….


Coit Tower, Alcatraz, the ferry building and 1/2 the skyscrapers in town are also this color tonight



September Matching

October 2, 2010

A quick summary of the last month.  Can you match the photos below to the following September events?

a. Matt Davis trail hike

b. 2010 J-pop Summit

c. the dessert “donuts, coffee and cigarettes” (that includes a tobacco-laced white chocolate “cigarette”) which was taken off the menu at Thermidor by the pastry chef because it was too popular and he was tired of everyone only ordering it and not his other creative desserts.  The dessert which was basically the whole reason I made the reservation at Thermidor in the first place (before seeing a “Killing My Lobster” play)

d. San Francisco Sunday Streets (afternoon free of cars) comes to our hood

e. fall reading

f. Killing My Lobster sketch comedy “Hold the Mayo” including the Ken Burnsesque doc short “SF Coffee Wars”