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About a Broderick

March 31, 2013

Walking to my morning Matching Half fix the other day, I approached this church on McAllister and wondered if there was a blood drive going on?  Voting?

But the van was a long deluxe bathroom complex.  And there were people hanging out in the church.  A lovely lady exited and someone who seemed to work there called out “Honey, do you want to use the bathroom here [the deluxe van] before you go?”  The answer was no– she had already gone inside.  Weird.

Then around the corner, looking down Broderick I saw this:

Thanks to my film-making brother I recognized this as a film crew.  Hmm..  a commercial?  TV? Movie?  BTW– some readers will recognize these homes as being kitty-corner from their reunion Victorian on the NE corner of Broderick and Fulton.  Others will recognize it as being 2 blocks down the street from their Victorian.

After I was done with coffee and was walking home again, my curiosity got the better of me and I looped back around.    Just in time to see a scene!

Beautiful young lady walks out to her Mini.  Seconds later, a distraught man in his boxers and open robe a-flying races down the steps after her.  Panicked, he pleads with her thru her car door, then in defeat slowly pads back up to his home.  Meanwhile, another woman and her 10? yr old son exit the station wagon/Uhaul behind them and climb the neighboring steps.  As the mom enters her building, the boy stops on the steps to gaze a bit perplexedly at the man-child next door.

How do I know he’s a man-child?  Because research showed that what was being filmed was a TV pilot– an adaptation of the Nick Hornby book (and 2002 Hugh Grant movie) “About a Boy” which is about a man-child who is befriended by the son of a single mom next door,  lessons are learned, etc etc (at least I think they were, it’s been a while now).

So watch for it on NBC this fall.  Looks like the opening (establishing?) scene was in the 2012 reunion hood.

PS:  I very rarely see celebs, but this is my second random encounter with Minnie Driver who plays the mom.  I also saw her in Heathrow in 2000 and flew with her from London to LA (though not in the same class).


Just in time for the Oscars

February 23, 2013

Seen today on the way home from coffee.
Related tangent: sure hope Riva pulls off the upset over Lawrence.


January 30, 2011

“Who’s Crazy Now?” was this year’s Noir City theme, and they stuck to it pretty well.  Every movie seemed to involved someone going a little cuckoo.  I suppose it’s not too hard to find such films in the genre.  I went to a record 12 flix this year (out of 24) including both 4-film overload Saturdays.  Hard to pick a favorite–  but probably I would have to go with  Fritz Lang’s”The Secret Beyond the Door” — in which our heroine is swept off her feet by a stranger she meets in Mexico, marries too quickly and is brought to live in his mansion filled with eccentric relatives and remodeled rooms that replicate famous murder scenes!.  It’s a goofy plot with fantastic cinematography and great suspense.

the Mighty Wulitzer plays to a packed house

a few fedora hats in the lobby...

Fear the Tartare, or Playoff Currency

October 29, 2010

So much going on.. and I’m struggling to find a theme that ties it all together and makes some sense out of it.

What a great week it’s been.  We got to see the San Francisco premiere of “Zero Currency” at the San Francisco Doc Fest at the Roxie theater.  We got to host the director while he was in town and provide him with limo service around town to festival duties, vintage clothes store hopping and hot chocolate tastings.

the youthful director does QandA


We got to celebrate the Giants winning the NL pennant for the first time since we were a new young couple in 2002.  Sadly, we missed watching the moment live due to a previous engagement with East Bay friends trying out the raw chicken/raw egg dish at a new Japanese joint in Berkeley- Ippuku.  Shortly before the check arrived for this (it must be said– amazing) meal, word spread thru the izakaya that we were heading back to the World Series!  Lucky Brad got to celebrate in style in the heart of the Mission with the hipsters and firefighters.

chicken tartare

chicken tartare


We got to celebrate our guinea pig-loving friend’s birthday by attending Madama Butterfly at the SF Opera.  It seemed appropriate to see a Japanese/Italian fusion show for our first night out at the opera togehter.   The night was all class and our (big time opera geek) friend was there to guide us through the opera-going rituals.  It was a fun night out— heightened by the fact that across the street, City Hall was all lit up orange in honor of the Vols.   But that’s another post….


Coit Tower, Alcatraz, the ferry building and 1/2 the skyscrapers in town are also this color tonight


While in San Francisco…

September 5, 2010

I need to think of a catchy title for this sporadic series of posts designed to induce readers to visit our fair city.  In case you were scared by that last post, take heart in this one.  I know there is a segment of our readership who would love to come to the historic Castro Theater in a couple of weeks for this marathon day of classic movies.  My understanding is that both teams will be welcome.  I’m not sure if they will be separated in the theater:

So many boys, so little time — especially when you’ll have to die someday, but the boys won’t! Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) became a vampire at age 17, while rival heartthrob Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) runs with a pack of immortal werewolves. Popular, willowy transfer student Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) swoons for both, but good-girl Bella is so busy being attacked by evil vampires that she can’t decide which one to start a nontraditional family with. The gloves and shirts come off as Team Edward and Team Jacob collide in the first three film adaptations of Stephanie Meyer’s bestselling fantasy-romance series, screened back to back.

Directed by Catherine Hardwicke | 2008 | 122 min | ‘Scope

Directed by Chris Weitz | 2009 | 130 min | ‘Scope

Directed by David Slade | 2010 | 124 min | ‘Scope

A Profile in Underappreciation

August 13, 2010

I’m still exploring the redesign of, which is chock full of new features.  Now, in addition to checking out movie ratings and using high scores as ammunition in your argument with a movie-averse spouse who refuses to see even such entertaining fare as the latest lesbian-moms movie or Inception,  …  wait, where was I?  Oh yeah..  you can now find “ratings” of actors, producers, etc.  That is, you can see the average Metacritic score of all of the movies in their oeuvre.  You can find out that Matt Damon has made better choices in his career than Ben Affleck (average Metacritic rating of 62 vs. 51).  It is also proving my theory that like Edouard Manet, the genius of Seth Green may take a few generations to be fully appreciated. His career score is 43 so far… but look at the evidence detailed below.  It’s fascinating that at the time movie critics only gave the first Austin Powers movie a middling 51 score.  Of course now it’s seen as a classic, proving wrong the critics of the day… much like Seth’s work in general.  The User Scores are also telling.  They rated highest “Can’t Hardly Wait” and “Idle Hands” (his most overlooked great role)– above some of Seth’s better known vehicles.  Film historians in 2050 will probably just be catching up.

[full stats after the jump, but the formatting is much better on the original site here]

Movie Review: All About Evil

May 8, 2010

The 53rd San Francisco International Film Festival just wrapped. Dan wrote earlier about the WWI movie he saw with most of the other historians in our life. I was able to see more flix than normal this year, though most are “larger” films that will see a small release in the US later this year –Claire Denis’s “White Material” with Isabelle Huppert,  Hirokazu Kore-eda’s “Air Doll”, Tilda Swinton in “I am Love”.  I did manage to see one old classic (Visconti’s “Senso”) and one “smaller” film, though it was a big event –the world premiere of local celebrity Joshua Grannell’s directorial debut, “All About Evil” which screened at midnight last Saturday at the Castro:

from SFIFF

Shot entirely in SF, it’s the story of a small old movie house, the Victoria, which is in danger of closing. Elements include:  horror, camp, Mink Stole, over-the-top fake gore, a meek librarian-turned homicidal movie concessionaire, an earnest misunderstood high school film buff, obvious local product placement (Spike’s).

Oh the horror!

We waited in line for almost about 45 minutes and got some second row seats. We didn’t luck into sitting behind John Waters in attendance, but we did have a great view of the high energy pre-show. It kinda reminded me of our trip here to see “The Little Mermaid” a couple of years back. People lined up on stage in costume before the show:

An energetic MC pumped up the audience (Joshua in drag alter ego):

Movie props were handed out to the audience. For the mermaid movie, we got dinglehopper forks; this time we were given Dixie cups and the homicidal twin usherettes got ready to pass out the Kool-Aid: