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Novel cooking

November 27, 2011

I’ve been enjoying Murakami’s latest novel “1Q84” and last night I was reading one of his typical scenes. The solitary introverted protagonist prepares a meal for one while meditating on a troubling past memory …  hmm … that celery/mushroom/shrimp stir fry sure sounds good …  if only I had a live-in BF who is also an amateur chef … oh wait.

A couple of texts between the bedroom and the living room later, a plan was hatched, and it came to fruition less than 24 hours later:

"Then a dash of soy sauce and finally a scattering of Chinese parsley. Tengo performed all these operations on automatic pilot."

Chef and cookbook. The "recipe" is on pages 362-363.

"When the stir-fried shrimp and vegetables were ready, Tengo ... still lost in thought, proceeded to eat the steaming food."


Condensed day

November 22, 2011

Morning coffee and quiche at farm:table with “1Q84”
Shop for phone case downtown
Lunch with Dan and Lee at Ki Izakaya
Houdini exhibit at the Jewish Museum
Happy hour wine at the Press Club
Shopping for home dinner with Dan
Reading more 1Q84

Back to work tomorrow- good night!

What *is* the best SF restaurant bathroom?

November 11, 2011

It’s a question that this blog has been looking at for a few years.   Now Eater is getting in on the act and asking us to VOTE on it.

What will SF pick?  Readers of this blog know my opinion already.  But thank you Eater for your sincerest form of flattery.

Which is the Best Restaurant Bathroom in SF?
18 Reasons
We saw a  pretty cool new contender on Halloween at Flour + Water:
18 Reasons