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Lunch of Champions

May 28, 2011

Everybody got their mac + cheese? Okay then, dig in ...

We celebrated a thoroughly energetic Champions League final (and Barcelona victory) by dining at Oakland’s newest hot spot Homeroom. Be sure to put it on your family-friendly dining map. (Almost) nothing on the menu except for versions of mac’n’cheese. Pick your base cheese and throw in a few other ingredients. Dan got the vegan mac with bacon (wait, what?).

If you want to go to a restaurant that is fresh/local/organic/farm2table AND hip, where foodies can eat like/with their kids, then there’s really no choice, is there? Just say “mac’n’cheese!”


Sports update

May 23, 2011

It’s been a good week in the sporting world.  The Giants are on a tear with awesome pitching and are 3.5 games up.  Tottenham went out with a win.  And then how about those Earthquakes?  If you didn’t tune into last Saturday’s broadcast,  you missed this pic of some die-hard fans that was flashed on the scoreboard.  (In case you are wondering, I was home watching “Badlands” when this pic was taken).

talk about color-coordinated

Deal of the Day (of a lifetime?)

May 18, 2011

Got this email just now:

And we feel fine…

According to the billboards, the world is ending this Saturday, May 21, so we’re having an End of Days sale at Bittersweet!

Come by our cafe this Saturday (5/21) and say “I’d like the End of Days discount”, or just show this note, and enjoy a 10% discount on all our signature chocolate or coffee drinks.

And stop by anytime to check out our Judgment Day Preparedness Kits. We’ll have kits designed for everyone–staying OR going.

What better way to meet the end of the world than with the taste of Bittersweet on your lips?

I don’t know if it’s a thing where you are, but here in the bay area, it’s hard to cross town to your yoga class without seeing an ad about the end of the world (even on the huge electronic billboard by the Bay Bridge!).

NOT the bay bridge sign (couldn't find a pic)

I was wondering how to best binge before the rapture in 3 days.  Thanks Bittersweet!

News of New Orleans

May 16, 2011

Please allow if this post meanders a bit, as that’s what life is like in New Orleans. Time moves slowly there, and the worth of most things is measured by how long they’ve been around.

My favorite memory? Walking around at 11 pm in balmy 70-degree weather. I haven’t experienced that since Hawaii, and when you combine that weather with restaurants that serve any form of Louisiana cookin’, from Cajun to Creole, to Nouvelle French, you’ve got a recipe for good times. That’s “bon temps” by the way, in local parlance.

The Jazz Fest lived up to expectations, even if the hot weather took it’s toll. The Decemberists made my week, and Cyndi Lauper was pretty good. I loved sampling local artists, like Zachary Richard, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Marcia Ball, and various zydeco outfits. Lucinda Williams is shy on stage, but her songs are superb. And what can I say about my first Jimmy Buffett concert? There’s a reason the man has been around for 40 years … it’s five o’clock somewhere, you know.

New Orleans is a dressy town, and I’ll always be grateful to Anne for leading our group’s shopping expedition in search of my ideal sport jacket. And guess what? I found it! Those of you in the Bay Area should watch for me, “sporting my newly acquired finery,” at a fancy restaurant near you.

Speaking of fancy eats: Galatoire’s, Commander’s Palace (and their 25 cent martinis), Bouligny Tavern, the Gumbo Shop, Cure (their “debris” sandwich is to die for –Troy had two!), and while we didn’t eat there, that place all done up in white whose name escapes me right now –they made us tasty drinks on multiple occasions.

Anne’s family treated us like, well, family. The river was high, but our spirits were higher when we left. Roll on, New Orleans!