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No longer prohibited

August 29, 2013

Spotted in downtown Santa Cruz:


Can anyone guess what is no longer prohibited there? (Hint: it’s a short word.)


My European Vacation

May 22, 2013

I’ve heard, from several quarters, a request for pictures of our recent sojourn through the heart of Western Europe. We took a river cruise from Switzerland to the Netherlands on this ship:


and the cruise was called “Castles on the Rhine.” Behold:


… a castle on the Rhine. Marksburg Castle to be exact. But the reason I’ve been reluctant to comply with this perfectly reasonable request is that, well, I don’t take many pictures when I’m traveling, and the things I take pictures of are somewhat idiosyncratic. If you click through, you’ll see what I mean.


News of New Orleans

May 16, 2011

Please allow if this post meanders a bit, as that’s what life is like in New Orleans. Time moves slowly there, and the worth of most things is measured by how long they’ve been around.

My favorite memory? Walking around at 11 pm in balmy 70-degree weather. I haven’t experienced that since Hawaii, and when you combine that weather with restaurants that serve any form of Louisiana cookin’, from Cajun to Creole, to Nouvelle French, you’ve got a recipe for good times. That’s “bon temps” by the way, in local parlance.

The Jazz Fest lived up to expectations, even if the hot weather took it’s toll. The Decemberists made my week, and Cyndi Lauper was pretty good. I loved sampling local artists, like Zachary Richard, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Marcia Ball, and various zydeco outfits. Lucinda Williams is shy on stage, but her songs are superb. And what can I say about my first Jimmy Buffett concert? There’s a reason the man has been around for 40 years … it’s five o’clock somewhere, you know.

New Orleans is a dressy town, and I’ll always be grateful to Anne for leading our group’s shopping expedition in search of my ideal sport jacket. And guess what? I found it! Those of you in the Bay Area should watch for me, “sporting my newly acquired finery,” at a fancy restaurant near you.

Speaking of fancy eats: Galatoire’s, Commander’s Palace (and their 25 cent martinis), Bouligny Tavern, the Gumbo Shop, Cure (their “debris” sandwich is to die for –Troy had two!), and while we didn’t eat there, that place all done up in white whose name escapes me right now –they made us tasty drinks on multiple occasions.

Anne’s family treated us like, well, family. The river was high, but our spirits were higher when we left. Roll on, New Orleans!

Week in review

April 7, 2011

Is it still snowing in Salt Lake? Really?

We had a great time there, especially since we haven’t seen that kind of precipitation since … we don’t know when.

“It’s nice to have a good uncle and a silly uncle.” Thank you Silas Andrew! Dan now has a new nickname.

Dan says: Goals of the week (tie) = Simon Dawkins and Khari Stephenson. We could have used that kind of quality in Madrid. And by “we” I mean: COYS! Not that I’m too upset, mind you. As the gent in front of me at the pub said, “I expect we’ll lose, but I’m really excited about this.” He said that before Peter Crouch lost his frackin’ mind, mind you.

Maverick has the BEST fried chicken in San Francisco. Mind my words.

Site of the week.

Island of the week:

Rapa Iti

Where were we?

January 28, 2011

We just took a vacation, but we were both working. Except for one day, when one of us ate pork puns (dim sum) and an innovative taco outdoors. One of us, however, had an Americano from a satellite branch of one of San Francisco’s holy trinity of espresso purveyors. We stayed in a hotel, but never once went in or out of their front door. Fancy meals included antelope and turnip soup. One of us almost forgot his dirty laundry in a drawer. It wasn’t too far away. Where were we?


Because every post needs a picture.

Four letters. Your turn …


January 19, 2011

Speaking of New Zealand, and hallelujah! The album I spent most of our return flight L-O-V-I-N-G, by the Wellington-based Phoenix Foundation, has just been released on iTunes. It’s called “Buffalo” and they were one of the featured artists in the musical portion of Air New Zealand’s audio entertainment during the month of December. Enjoy the video I’ve embedded below and check ’em out; if you likee let me know.

P.S. Brad, I also really dug the latest Flight of the Conchords album. Have you seen this video?

Very delayed vacation pix post- Part 1

January 18, 2011

Did we ever get around to posting about our trip to NZ? If not, here are a few pix from the days spent in the capital Wellington. I felt very at home in “windy” Welly –coffee, “bad” weather, beautiful harbor, arts scene, cable cars … it was quite comfortable.

Mt. Doom as seen from the train

Cable Car Down Under (& cricket pitch in the background)

the Beehive (NZ's capitol building)

Wellington Phoenix vs. "same old Aussies ... always cheating"

one of us impersonating a sundial (it was actually 4 pm ... amazing!)