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A real bummer, that.

September 25, 2013
Try a carrot?

Try a carrot?

Larry gets what Larry wants. Does this mean we’ll have to put up with his circus next time, too?


Searching for a Breaking Bad Party ….

September 22, 2013

I’m a huge fan of the Albuquerque-set drama “Breaking Bad”.  Naturally I’ve been following it a season behind on DVD.  But as the series nears its big conclusion, I really can’t wait a year to find out how it ends (there is no way to avoid spoilers on the internet for a year).  So I was thrilled last week in NYC when I stumbled upon a gay bar in Hell’s Kitchen with a chalkboard announcing “Breaking Bad tonight at 9pm!!”.  I returned and enjoyed the thrilling episode “Ozymandias” with 30 of my new closest friends.

So….  today I hoped to repeat the feat.  Dan and I cruised the Castro bars this afternoon in search of another establishment hosting a fab Breaking Bad viewing party (second to last episode of all time!!!!)…

Midnight Sun… hmmm.. will be showing something else it appears… darn.


440 Castro?  no…


Moby Dick’s?  ahh.. they have better things to celebrate today…


well then maybe that dog wash/dog spa place on Castro?


Dang… not even there.  Guess I’ll be watching it tomorrow on iTunes.  NO SPOILERS in the comments!!

Congress FAIL

September 9, 2013

Those of you who know me–––that is, everyone who reads this blog who isn’t a robot–––will not be surprised to know that I’m opposed to the idea of using military force in the ongoing Syrian conflict. I suppose that makes me an “unserious” person, at least in the eyes of my Congressional representative.

I sent Nancy Pelosi a very strongly worded email, in which I expressed my views. It included the following paragraph, of which I was quite proud:

If, as reports indicate, you are about to vote yes on the President’s resolution to AUMF in Syria, I would ask you to reconsider. Have you learned nothing in the past 10 years? Have you not paid attention to the news from Libya even? It is certainly terrible to feel that one is “helpless” in the face of the unending stream of bad news we encounter each day, but Ms. Pelosi, let me be very clear. Right now, in Syria, there is a mother and a child who will be dead in a matter of weeks or days –not because you failed to act, but precisely because you DID act.

Today I received a response from her office. It began:

Dear Mr. Stewart,

Thank you for contacting me to express your views on protecting Social Security and Medicare. I appreciate hearing from you on this critical issue.

Social Security and Medicare are our nation’s solemn pledges to our seniors – a promise of a safe and secure source of retirement income and health care for millions of Americans. Protecting Social Security and Medicare, and strengthening these vital programs for future generations, are among my top priorities.

At least she agrees with me on that issue. [Sigh]


Count me … out?