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World Cup crystal ball

June 9, 2010

Another sports related post …

Group A : The qualifiers will be decided on goal difference. But Mexico will drop points in their opener against South Africa, allowing Uruguay and France to go through.

Group B : Korea isn’t bad, but Argentina can handle the other three teams in this group. Nigeria will get a boost from playing in Africa, and grab the runner-up spot.

Group C : England will win three games, and the USA will beat Slovenia and Algeria.

Group D : The smart money says Serbia’s second here, but I’ve got the Aussies in a shocker over Ghana. Did I mention Germany wins the group?

Group E : The Netherlands will beat everyone, and Cameroon will finish second.

Group F : Italy and Paraguay are such lucky duckies. And if Paraguay can steal points against a sluggish Italy in their opener, you never know.

Group G : Poor Drogba. (Just kidding). Brazil wins and Portugal goes through.

Group H : Of course Spain tops this lot. But I like each of the others –sentimental pick Chile, plucky underdog Honduras (win one for Zelaya!), and democratic superpower Switzerland. Of course, it doesn’t really matter who grabs the runner-up spot, because … see below.

Uruguay will play Nigeria and Nigeria will win.

England will play Australia and (unlike like the Ashes) England will win.

The Netherlands will play Paraguay and the Oranje will win. (But if Italy chunks their group campaign, they will paradoxically beat the Dutch).

Brazil will play the runner-up of Group H and beat them. Whoever they are.

Argentina will play France and Argentina will win (one for the Irish).

Germany will play the USA and Germany will win. Again. Sigh.

Italy will play Cameroon and Italy will win.

Spain will play Portugal and Spain will win. Bye-bye Chrissie boy.

England will beat Nigeria.

Brazil will beat the Dutch (or the Italians, for that matter).

Germany will beat Argentina. By marking Messi.

Spain will beat Italy.

Brazil will dash England’s dream in the semi-finals.

Spain will overcome Germany in a thrilling game. Unless it goes to penalties, in which case, Germany will win.

Brazil will lose the final to either Spain or Germany. Really.

Either that, or Greece will win the World Cup. I have no idea.

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