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The Barber Nielsen boys in a few years?

December 21, 2010

May i suggest an arrangement of “Careless Whisper” for the next talent show?


Knoxville coffee scene makes local news

December 18, 2010

… and by “news” I mean my favorite local coffee blog.  It was a pleasant surprise to see this pic in the newest story on coffeeratings:

Old City Java

It always feels weird when two different parts of your world collide.  Like running into a family from work on the ferry.  The notoriously grumpy author of my favorite coffee blog seemed to mostly approve of the Metro Pulse story on the growing Knoxville coffee scene.  I certainly can’t argue with the choice of Old City Java to start off the lengthy article- it was far and away the best espresso I found while spending time in “the couch” last summer.  I still have fond memories of relaxing there between 2010 world cup games at The Crown and Goose.

I’m impressed that a new coffeehouse in Maryville is using a Hario pour-over system and have written down a few ideas for my next visit– i’ll have to return this spring to try these out.  I also have to agree with the commentor who dissed the dreck at “Coffee and Chocolate” downtown.  But perhaps my favorite quote was:

I mean, I will go slumming at Waffle House,” Moxley, 27, had said over a cappuccino at Old City Java. “I will occasionally drink crap. But it’s so alien to me. It’s not even drinking the same substance.

Said like a San Franciscan (though substitute in Denny’s)

Taste of NZ

December 7, 2010

Two pix from our recent vacation: I wish I could report that these buildings were next to each other or faced each other day after day on the same street after 40 odd years, but in fact they were found in 2 separate towns on the North Island:

Along busy Cuba St. in Wellington.

In art deco mecca Napier.

Although it’s known as “windy” Wellington, our stay in New Zealand’s capital featured amazingly clear, sunny, gorgeous weather. Everyone was down at the harbor looking out over the blue water and green mountains that surround the city.

The town of Napier was destroyed in a 1931 earthquake. The silver lining was that the downtown was entirely rebuilt in the style of the day –art deco!   Then in the 1980s (does this story sound familiar?), some wanted to tear down the old, passé buildings, but it was soon realized that an entire deco town was something unique. And it remains Napier’s tourist (and thus economic) bread and butter today. We enjoyed a lovely tour.