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Random Japan Pix #2

March 27, 2009


Random Japan pix

March 23, 2009

Reason #32 the Bay Area is great

March 21, 2009

The state Dept. of Social Services recruiting gay couples to adopt– on BART. Take that Florida, Arkansas, etc.

Sometimes SIAJ is like reading Tablehopper a week in advance

March 18, 2009

What is it they say about imitation? I was pleased, today, to see a very familiar image in my favorite food e-column, Tablehopper:

the sincerest form of flattery

Look familiar?

Page down to our recent post Trouble Happy Meal:


or last year’s “Tale of 2 Signboards“?:


Apparently Marcia prefers –what is that, a Gibraltar?– to Americanos. But otherwise, we’re two peas in a pod. Or rather … great minds think alike … uh, never mind. Let me just take this opportunity to thank Marcia T-hopper for saving our “ars*s” numerous times with hot restaurant tips. Without her, we would never have known about the Presidio Social Club or the precise opening of Nopalito, or that my LONG nightmare of waiting for Crudo on Diviz to open is *finally* about to be over ….

Not for Pot

March 15, 2009

Received in change from the frat brothers manning the concessions stand at last night’s Earthquakes pre-season game:


It’s kind of low-tech budgeting, if you think about it.

Anniversary Post

March 11, 2009

No, not a posting anniversary. An anniversary post …

We’ve been together 7 years! So we decided to say “I love you” to each other in one of our favorite spots … Sea Ranch, on the coast of California, north of San Francisco. The weather was sunny but cold, and the fish-and-chips were great.

Little did we know that (literally) all the other guests at the Lodge during our stay would be there for a Ralph Lauren Polo photo shoot. That includes photographers, flunkies, and of course, (male) models. They were kind of hard to miss at dinner on Sunday night, sitting around a big table, ordering crab cakes and debating the merits of Rio vs. Buenos Aires.

Oh, and instead of listening to podcasts on the way up and back, Dan read a book about Céline Dion’s album, Let’s Talk About Love, to Troy –despite having a nasty cough. “Is that love?”

p.s. In true couple-style, Troy took the photos and Dan wrote the text of this post.



After the jump, Polo models! And a random picture of Troy, taken by Dan, in Guerneville, CA. Why, you ask? Why not!


Trouble Happy Meal

March 8, 2009

Just a quick breakfast post before we run off to a non-disclosed location with no internet to celebrate 7 years of coupledom. Living in the middle of SF with a walk score of 92, I feel guilty sometimes for driving my car to do stuff in the city. Today for example: Instead of local coffee and running in the Panhandle, I drove down to the ocean, ran thru the eastern western (quiet) part of Golden Gate Park, and then had an Americano at one of my favorite places– Trouble Coffee in the outer Sunset. After the run, I got a thick slick of homemade bread and was talked into adding a coconut to make a full meal out of it. See you in a few!