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O-matase itashimashite …

September 30, 2008

“I’m making you wait.” I’ve got about half a post on Japanese Buddhism done, but your enlightenment will have to wait a day or two … I need to get my lecture ready for Thursday. Don’t be surprised if two or three new history posts pop up over the weekend.

To make up for it, however, I give you kid blogging: I babysat the girls tonight. They were perfect. They were adorable. We played Brown Bear and watched Wonder Pets, had smoothies and yogurt for dinner, and cookies for dessert. We practiced wheel-barrows briefly, and read a couple of Fancy Nancy books before bedtime.

I told Noe the story of how “Loch Lomond” came to be their bedtime anthem (it was all my doing, as it turns out). Siobhan can’t get enough of that bead game (thank you Grandma!). No pictures, because I’m not Troy’s iPhone. But trust me, it was great fun.

p.s. “Kuroi” … Noe was quizzing me on colors in Japanese (her pronunciation is fantastic, btw … I wish I had the language learning abilities of kids) and I blanked on “black” … sigh. So, I just remembered. Let it be known …


Under the Sea

August 23, 2008

Today was the long-awaited “Sing-Along Little Mermaid” at the Castro Theater. We met Noe, Siobhan, their parents and grandparents in the Castro along with a sea of little 3-7 year-olds. We were surprised that Ariel herself was there to take our tickets and hand out a goodie bag full of props to use during the movie. It was both Noe and Siobhan’s first experience with a real movie theater and they started a lifetime of movie-going in style at the beautiful movie palace that is the Castro Theater.

The movie was fun, though it seemed a bit dated now –––maybe because of Buddy Hackett’s voice. Noe did great, belting out the tunes, especially when you remember that she can’t even read the words they put on screen. They let the little girls, almost all of whom had come in costume (as Ariel, of course) parade on stage prior to the show, and even though Noe had not arrived in costume, she bolted for the front as soon as they announced the parade of princesses. She told the emcee that she was “Princess Noelani.”

Glow-sticks look good in movie theaters

Someone's looking goofy

Waiting in line