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August 29, 2008

We had the pleasure of the Provo Krueger Barbers company today. They are in town to see the Frida exhibit at SFMOMA. We had oppresive hot weather in the morning (80+), and then spent the late afternoon cooling down in a surge of fog that rolled into Golden Gate Park and later prevented us from seeing even a speck of the GG Bridge. In addition to Frida, we cruised the mission, enjoyed some Bi-Rite ice cream and gallery-hopped (ok, to one gallery). Story still developing….

[oh.. and on an unrelated note– too tired to make a separate post– wasn’t that Dem convention fantastic? We had a blast at Peter’s last night watching history being made in Denver’s stadium. We’re still riding that high]

Andrew enjoys one of Frida's early statues

Andrew enjoys one of Frida's early works

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