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Fictional roommates?

August 24, 2008

So, Troy and I were doing a Saturday New York Times crossword puzzle together, as is our wont. And the clue was “One of a pair of fictional roommates” … 4 letters. We had _E__, and then we had _ER_, and then we had _ERT. But still, the answer eluded us …

You, dear reader, must surely know the answer by now. But you see, when we finally got the correct answer (“Bert”) we were both incredulous. Bert and Ernie aren’t “fictional!” I mean, the “Odd Couple,” they were fictional. Bob Saget and friends, on TV’s “Full House,” they were fictional.

But Bert and Ernie are REAL puppets. Muppets, even! We’ll be composing our letter to Will Shortz this week …