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Post-call post

August 21, 2008

I never got around to writing this last night, so I’m writing the next morning on the bus to work. Just a quick report of my post-call activities. I had a nice lunch down at Crissy Field and did some walking along the tourist bicycle course that passes thru that part of the Presidio on the way to the GG Bridge and beyond. The giant globes were part of an exhibit about global warming and maintaining our beautiful planet.

In the evening, we returned to Orson with Dan’s parents for their monthly special dinner. It was infused vodka cocktails and BBQ this time. And delish as always. I’m not sure what the star of David on the sausage was all about. Food Network Canada was there following Elizabeth Faulkner around, so look for the back of our heads on cable TV in a country near you soon.

I also watched some “Big Love”, but i won’t bore u with pix of that- just bore u with this entry about it.