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Soda State/Pop State

August 18, 2008

Dan will kill me for beating him to this nugget of gold. Ordinarily, I would send this around in a spam e-mail, but I’ll try posting it here instead. Have you seen this map from Strange Maps? Based on an extensive survey, it maps the counties where people use “soda” or “pop” to refer to “soft drinks.” Apparently, there are some confused people (ahem) who refer to cold drinks as “cokes.” Questions come to mind, like:

Do Southerners simply have a regional loyalty to the Atlanta-based Coca-Cola Corporation?

What are all those Southerners doing in Trinity County, CA?

Why the strikingly round island of “soda” around St. Louis?

What “other” term is being used in central New Mexico and North Carolina? Is it really true they call soft drinks “dope” in the Tar Heel State?

Strange Maps’s commentary is great, too. For example:

“The word ‘pop’ was introduced by Robert Southey, the British Poet Laureate (1774-1843), to whom we also owe the word ‘autobiography,’ among others.Even though it was introduced by a Poet Laureate, the term ‘pop’ is considered unsophisticated by some, because it is onomatopoeic.”


My first iPhone dream

August 18, 2008

I try not to bore too much with tales of my dreams.  But this was a milestone, my first iPhone dream.  To echo Brad, it really has been the best money i’ve probably ever spent (other than the NYTimes online crossword subscription).  My dream:  I was with Noe and Siobhan, trying to play some of the phone games, but could *not* navigate to the proper screen to start up “Bubbles”.  You are famliar with the anxiety– can’t quite seem to get to your destination?  Oh, and of course, Noe seemed to know how to use the phone better than I did.

It was just a dream….