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Weekend report (08/08/17)

August 17, 2008

It’s my turn to record our latest activities, as Troy is sleeping off a busy overnight shift.

On Friday, we took our last survey as participants in the UCSF Gay Couples Study. We’ve been filling out surveys every six months for the past three years, so there’s some nostalgia there, and we celebrated by having dinner at Anchor & Hope, a downtown seafood restaurant that’s fairly new, and just barely on the good side of kitsch (as far as the decor goes … you know, wood plank benches, giant fish art, nautical ropes draped over beams … at least the servers weren’t dressed like pirates). But whaddaya know, the food was pretty darn good. We tried “Angels on Horseback” … you want to guess what that is?

It’s okay, I’ll wait …

So, the correct answer is: oysters wrapped in bacon, dipped in secret sauce. Basically, if you wrap anything in bacon, it tastes good, and this was no exception. Troy had a perfectly seared tuna, and I had their version of fish and chips, which I didn’t realize when I ordered it, because they call it something like “battered white bass and rosemary potato wedges.” Right. It was far better than average, but unfortunately for this review, I recently had the best fish & chips ever at the restaurant in Sea Ranch (go figure), so they didn’t quite reach those standards. Bottom line: we’ll go back, but probably not soon.

p.s. The UCSF people have offices in the Bechtel building, where Russ (Troy’s dad) used to work, so there’s even more nostalgia there (for Troy).

Saturday, I got back into the footie with Russ (of Wayne & Russ), taking the Caltrain down to Santa Clara to see the newly revitalized Earthquakes defeat the (former) top team in the league, the New England Revolution, 4-nil. That’s four goals for the good guys, and my word, were they spectacular. Even the clean sheet was an accomplishment. It was a scintillating affair, and if I sound a bit British right now, it’s because football does that to me. The Quakes seem to add a new player every week, and just keep getting better. That’s good, because we’re still a long way from playoff contention.

He's one reason we're good now!

Sunday was a matinee performance by the Lamplighters of Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Mikado. My family grew up with G & S in Seattle (we went every summer thanks to Grandma and Grandpa’s subscription) so Mom and Dad and myself (is that correct grammar, Mom?) were happy to see the Lamplighters put on a fantastic performance of one of G & S’s very best. The sets and costumes were bright and appropriately gaudy, and the quality of the players was top-notch. They updated the patter song re: “I’ve Got A Little List” to skewer everyone from politicians, to conservatives and liberals (that last one got a bit of rogue applause), cell-phone drivers and iPod users. I saw their version of Pinafore with Ethan & Cathleen a year ago, and was impressed then, so hopefully I can drag Troy to one very soon. They’re doing Iolanthe in January, if anyone wants to join us.

Speaking of funny costumes, I better start planning my latest Japanese history class tomorrow. I’ve only got two and a half weeks until it debuts. I’ll try to blog each week’s class here … sort of like a correspondence course. (That’s how Fozzie Bear learned to drive you know).