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The ferry home

August 11, 2008

Blogging from the upper deck of the Intintoli, another Monday workday draws to a close. I’ve ordered up a glass of the boat’s “premium” Chardonnay (Salmon Creek) and am sitting back and relaxing. I should be cracking open “The Man Without Qualities,” but after 600 pages, it has really started to lose what pre-WWI Austrian charm it had, and it has already started to feel like a chore. Blogging instead is so much more appealing when your new phone is still only weeks old.

It doesn’t seem to be a game day, thank god, so the boat is pretty quiet, devoid of obnoxious Giants fans. There are maybe 6 other people and they are so far well behaved- quietly working on their laptops for the most part. Probably blogging the joy of ferry reverse-commuting like me.

And it really is a joy. I wish I could do this every day. You may know that I used to take the ferry or bus to work about 90% of the time … a few years ago. Then, after service cuts which eliminated the later evening ferry runs, and 3 quick fare increases, I now ferry it only about 15% of the time. Buying a Prius didn’t help either. The economics with a hybrid car now make it about 30-50% more expensive to ferry than drive. And don’t get me started on having to land at Fisherman’s Wharf instead of the grand old Ferry Building. I had to trade the most glamorous entrance into the city for landing in the 4th circle of hell. At least in the winter, there are no “living statues” getting jiggy to Calypso music. (But in August…). One final complaint is that the new Wharf arrival means *2* buses home instead of one and a delay of 15 more minutes.

Sorry about that tangent. Complain, complain. I guess that is what a blog is for (that and discussing the population centers of the states).

So anyway, the usual routine is to read a book or paper on the boat, sometimes enjoy a nice beverage, listen to a podcast on the bus, and then be home just as sweetie-pie is putting the bucatini in the pot. Yum. Can’t wait.

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