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Moon(light)ing Peter’s blog

August 10, 2008

Troy and I are contributing to Peter’s politics blog. My first post is about a big-picture predictive model for presidential elections.

Update [Troy]: BTW– If you are into the election this year, please feel free to participate on “Politicana” as well with your thoughts and comments.


Weekend report (08/08/10)

August 10, 2008

Peter organized another one of his hikes today. This time, it was up Mt. Tamalpais to some lodge/cabin thing that sponsors a big pancake breakfast about once a month. Oh yeah, it’s called The West Point Inn. You can’t drive to this lodge located almost at Mt. Tam’s summit, you have to hike up to it. A pancake/sausage/coffee breakfast and breathtaking views await at the end. The camera phone doesn’t have a zoom, so you can’t appreciate the view so much, but it really is quite a comprehensive, bird’s eye view of Marin, SF, the bay and much of the east bay. It was one of those days where you could see a stark division between the sunny interior and the socked-in foggy coast. The coastal ranges formed a barrier holding back the fog, except for the Golden Gate, where a little was sneaking in. [click on the pic to appreciate it better]

Looking north to the city.

Looking south to the city.

Peter took us back down the mountain by a slightly different route, along the KooKooKiChoo Trail. Topics of conversation included: varying personal experiences at Harbin Hot Springs, lazy red-headed friends who bailed at the last minute, an acquaintance who is actually a *fan* of Michael Savage, the Olympic men’s gymnastics team, and surprisingly little of the Presidential race.

sweaty hikers

sweaty hikers

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that yesterday, Dan was able to entertain an entire cocktail party with his BatManuel quotes at Russ and Wayne’s— the fondue pot came out for dessert! Thanks for some great drinks, Wayne!